Adaptive Building Initiative
Adaptive Fritting™


Continually evolving surface,
pattern and opacity

Tessellate™ is a self-contained, framed screen whose perforated pattern can continually shift and evolve; creating a dynamic architectural element that regulates light and solar gain, ventilation and airflow, privacy, and views.

Tessellate™ consists of a series of stacked panels that can be constructed of various metals or plastics. As these layers overlap, the result is a kaleidoscopic visual display of patterns aligning and then diverging into a fine, light-diffusing mesh.

ABI works closely with its clients to customize Tessellate™ to fit their architectural vision — from geometric grids, to non-standard free-form patterns.

Developed by ABI, Tessellate™ is delivered in partnership with A. Zahner Co.

US & International Patents Pending

Adaptivity Benefits

  • Fully variable shading control
  • Reduced solar gain and glare
  • Privacy control
  • Ventilation and airflow control


  • Façades, roofs, awnings
  • Vertical / Horizontal
  • Exterior / Interior / Integrated into glazing


Simons Center for Geometry & Physics
Stony Brook, NY (2010)
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